After a pretty feeble haul of Christmas presents (really, a Shiatsu massage machine?) I felt compelled to bolster my horde of gadgets… by buying a new camera!

I agonised over whether I should buy a Canon 5D Mk II — a beast of a camera — or save £1500 and buy the 450D. It didn’t help that the mid-range option (the 50D) was thoroughly lackluster and had almost no features that I might require. A higher shooting speed (6fps), hooray. So, I went with the 450D which was still a huge upgrade over my old camera.

Surely it’s more about the lenses anyway; the camera is just a light-tight box at the end of the day. In fact, it seems you need incredibly good glass to make the most out of the new digital cameras with massive 15 megapixel sensors. At that kind of resolution you discover all sorts of chromatic aberration that wasn’t otherwise visible.

(Talking of lenses, did you see the new 10-22mm Canon EF-S lens? It seems to beat every existing ultra-wide-angle lens at… well, just about everything. I guess designing glass to focus on anything less than a 35mm frame must be child’s play for the Canon engineers.)

Anyway, with the new resolving power granted upon me by the 450D, I can finally create HDR photos, like you see below. I’ll try to keep the abuse of Photoshop fairly low though, I promise.

A view from my estate
Video games were my first love


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