Most things have to begin somewhere.  It’s always the beginning that’s the hard bit. Summoning up the strength to physically DO it. Pushing past that inertial wall that… someone or something has placed in front of you. Getting off your ass, opening that front door, picking up that phone, putting pen to paper.

Luckily for me, I’ve done this all before. Writing, that is! But for a while now I’ve been awfully slack, leaving behind good friendships, breaking bridges — and not even overtly, simply by not DOING! So I will DO it some more. Writing.

So this here is a return to writing in general, and blogging in particular.

Being the conscientious kind of writer that I am, I should probably tell you what my blog will be about: subjects close to my heart, and topics which I have some kind of majesty or sovereignty over.

The first few posts are likely to be me playing around with the WordPress software, so don’t take too much heed, but do try to keep up with me; I’ll move quickly.

[If you're reading through my archives: the images from the first few posts are all mixed up. I will fix them at some stage. They weren't very good, anyway! But yeah, that's why you get some random photos of Norway, instead of what should be there...]

A view from my estate


I am a tall, hairy, British writer who blogs about technology, photography, travel, and whatever else catches my eye.



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