After finishing yesterday’s blog and collapsed into my warm waterbed, I realised that I’d ranted a lot about the colour pink, but without any kind of pictorial evidence (other than the little self portraits at the bottom of each page, but I doubt more than the most dedicated readers are pressing refresh/F5 until you’ve seen all of the images). Thus, I compiled this little ‘Homage to Pink’: [singlepic id=33]

And if you’re curious (I mean curious about the photos, not some other definition…) –

Top left: My get-up for an 80s-themed party, where I figured a ‘horseshoe moustache‘ would fit right in (my moustache made it to the first page of search results!) Turns out I was a little more over-dressed for the party than the other party-goers… But hey, I have a DIMPLE in my chin!

Top right: Um… I think I’m just posing in a pink pashmina here.

Bottom left: Halloween. Gay cowboy (it wasn’t my idea, I swear).

Bottom right: Turkey, camera-whoring it up in a hotel in Antalya. Yes, I know it looks like I have huge boobs and a triangular torso. It’s just a trick of the light!

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