It sure looks like my tiny little foray into audio blogging (or podcasting, which is audio blogging, but with more regularity, and some kind of RSS syndication) was a success. There was unprecedented activity on my blog today, so I can only assume that people really want to listen to some English beast babble on and on about… not much. Fortunately (well, for me), I’m not going to podcast just anything — no, I’m going to make it INTERESTING!

‘How is Seb going to make it interesting?’ I hear you ask. I’m not entirely sure yet, but I have a few ideas. They’ll probably be based on the normal podcast topics: geeky reviews (of games, music, films, hardware) and other esoteric stuff (like those chaps that record their roleplaying sessions). I will probably focus on the reviews (I tend to have strong opinions on all things geeky), and… perhaps perform some kind of audio drama. Yes, I’m going to create a story, along with characterisation and maybe some naff sound effects. You’d be right in saying that audio plays/dramas/books aren’t all that interactive (although they can be exciting, with the right narrator!), so I will spice it up a little to fit the whole ‘blog concept’, so that we have a dialogue  between the writer, and the readers. Or speaker and listeners, in this case.

What I’m going to do is act, perform and narrate an interactive story. A basic murder mystery to start with — a murder, some possible suspects (all with water-tight alibis of course!) and some motives. I’ll then give the listeners of this blog a chance to choose each step in the story (either via discussion consensus, or poll). It probably won’t be a huge story, but hopefully it’ll be interesting enough to keep people entertained, and interested in what direction the story takes! As an added bonus, it’ll also keep the British accent junkies sated too (and maybe some other accent addicts happy, if I can work some odd characters into the story). If I can be totally honest, the stalkeresque emails are… unnerving.

When will I do it? Let’s aim for the first episode to be… next week.

With that exciting news out of the way, I should probably focus on less-exciting things (so you go away thinking ‘Cool, that Seb guy’s gonna make a podcast!!), like… some chauvenistic flowcharts. Heck, while we’re on the topic of girls (the topic does say ‘Ga Ga’, and each and every man knows that all women are at least a little bit insane, even the ones they love dearly), here’s a chart that can help men read a girl’s face (dangerous at the best of times, castratingly hard at the worst of times). Being a worldly man that’s experienced a wide gamut of female emotions first-hand I don’t need such a chart, but perhaps it’s worth printing out and keeping in your wallet, for emergencies.

Finally, we have this: [vimeo][/vimeo]

I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, so I can’t really tell how accurate she is… but I have a suspicion that proper Star Wars geeks will be frothing and fuming at such… sacrilegious treatment of the Star Wars canon. Plus, she’s pretty cute, and I have a lot of time for cute girls.

Just before I finish, it’s just been brought to my attention that two pop starlets (is Justin Timberlake a full-blown star yet? I guess, grudgingly, he is) are destined to butcher one of the 90s most iconic love songs: I Will Always Love You (16 weeks at number 1 in the UK!). It’s heretical that such a cover could ever be produced. I can’t (I refuse to!) believe Dolly Parton needs the money — I mean, come on, she has her own amusement park for Christ’s sake! (OK, admittedly, it’s called Dollywood, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that she’s probably stinkin’ rich). Something sinister must be afoot. Maybe Whitney Houston needed more money to fuel her crack cocaine habit or something, and so she went crawling to Dolly for a quick and dirty bail-out. Maybe.

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