Boop. Boop… Those heavy, imposing bass beats that 24 fans the world over have been waiting for… for almost 2 years! Somehow Kiefer’s managed to pull out yet another season of 24 — we’re at season 7 now (and he’s aged remarkably well!), and CTU has finally been shut down (something about torturing people and operating a bit outside the law.

The season started with Jack facing down a tribunal of Senators, explaining that while it’s not pleasant, torturing Muhammed bin Patel-Assad, someone has to do it. For the security of the people. Later on in the episode, there’s a fantastic scene with the President and the joint chiefs of the US military. ‘We just need to swagger in there, spray some bullets around the place, and the oppressed, war-torn people of the Fictitious African Nation will welcome us with open arms,” one of the chiefs says. Well, not quite, but he implies the same sentiment with that cocky, derisive sneer, as he tells the President that they expect no meaningful resistance.

Anyway, Tony’s back (£10 on Nina returning from beyond the veil before the end of the season…) The jury’s still out on whether he’s actually a baddie, but I’m sure we’ll be treated to lots of ‘Is he or isn’t he?!’ moments, especially at the end of each episode.

More importantly, my friend (yes, an actual bonafide friend) Dave has finally surfaced. He disappeared back in September, only to re-emerge yesterday. Turns out he was locked in some room, in Boston (he lives in Ireland), forced to code some software. A bit like that scene in Swordfish:

He was adamant that he couldn’t get in touch, so I just had to fear that he was dead for a few months. I had no one to watch Kristen Bell in Heroes with! (She is incidentally the cutest, most… arrrgh, delectable girl woman on the planet. The fact that she looks just like my ex has NOTHING to do with it)

He’s back JUST in time for 24 and the end of Battlestar Galactica (it’s going to be tough recovering from how they left it…) so he’s forgiven… just.

As I said in the previous entry, we had power cuts for about 2 1/2 hours this afternoon, so I was forced to light candles, eat whatever I randomly pulled out of the fridge, and take some self-indulgent self portraits. For anyone wondering, that’s what I looked like when I was roleplaying Jack (the cowboy).

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Rainy, rainy England.
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