(That’s not the kind of waffles that you put syrup on… although you probably could, it’d just be messy.)

Hopefully this picture will buy me a little credit when you come to judge me at the end of this entry.

Awww... Now, look at the picture after you listen to the audio clip.

Awww... Now, look at the picture after you listen to the audio clip.

So, now, listen to the waffle:

(If you can’t see the player, you’ll have to visit my blog)

Now… if I do actually have some kind of issue with my chest, that is indeed a cause for concern. But I have a nagging feeling that I caused it by doing a whole… 20 sit-ups. You see, I haven’t exercised properly since I was about 12 — I had the choice of doing sports, or going to the computer room (gotta love private schools). Of course, I chose the only real option available to a geek such as myself — I dived in and planted myself in a leather computer chair. I’ve never really left, either. Sure, I travel, and I walked a lot at university, and I have been known to play a little tennis or badminton from time to time. But when it gets right down to it, I’m woefully under-(s)exercised.

I haven’t really experienced any detrimental side-effects to my complete avoidance of aerobic exercise. I could still spend 8 hours a day trekking around Rome without breaking (much) of a sweat. I can still perform in the sack (when the rare opportunity arises). But, alas, it seems I can’t sit in a computer chair now, without feeling a bit… squished. It just feels like all of my internal organs are kind of… squashed, sitting here, idle, sloth-like and unmoving. I decided to do a few sit-ups, on the premise that perhaps my stomach muscles weren’t really doing much, and they’re kind of important, to keep all your organs in the right place!

And that was when I pulled a muscle. So now I’m chair-bound, because it hurts to stand up. I can hobble around looking like a hunch-back though, which looks kind of funny. I guess I deserved it for exercising so hard and so quickly. Back to the immobile geekery.

I mean, 20 sit-ups… what was I thinking.

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