I woke up this morning to quite a fantastic phenomenon — frozen morning mist. There might be a scientific name for such a form of precipitation (and if anyone knows, please let me know), but all I know is that it’s damn pretty. I guess it occurs when the temperature dips just before sunrise, freezing any of the moisture in the air, affixing it to everything. As a result, you get a lovely, crystalline sharpness to everything. It’s not quite the same as snow-covered mornings, as they are just a small, thin layer of ice crystals: so you can see the colours beneath the frost!

Of course the best way to illustrate this would be with a photo.

Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but as luck would have it (kind of), I was woken up by some reckless beast throwing a box from Amazon right onto my crotch, as I was sleeping. An interesting way to wake up, throbbing, not certain if you’ve just had a particularly… wild dream, or if some bastard’s just thrown a big box onto your nuts. Anyway, bruising and hampered fertility aside, it was the new Sigma lens! Hooray!

Muttering expletives and quickly squeezing my ass into some pants, I went out to take a photo:
[singlepic id=13 w=650]

As you can see, it’s quite a sparkly, special look! It looks even better large, as you can make out all the detail on the end of the branches, and all the little specks of colour. I’ll try to get some more photos with the new lens, for my benefit and yours. Maybe strap a polariser on and go wild with a sunset.

Anyway, I activated a neat new feature on this blog! If you double click any word on the page, you’ll get a cute little pop-up that defines the word for you. I don’t think it works with phrases, and it doesn’t work with links. It’ll probably tell you that I’m not spelling things correctly too, because the software is Americanz-English. Let me know if it doesn’t work, or if you have some kind of weird OCD-like condition where you always double click everything on the page as you read it (probably the same kind of person that highlights random blocks of text as they’re reading… you know who you are).

I also changed how images display on the site (just a little), but it’s still not complete. The slide show option is completely atrocious (really, don’t click it). I’m also working on a little shopping attachment to sell Seb-related apparel. Okay, that sounded a little too narcissistic, what I really meant was prints of my photos. And maybe 1 or 2 t-shirts with ‘Seb Was Here’ and an arrow pointing downwards. For the ladies.

Tomorrow I’m going to write about how I roleplayed a female in World of Warcraft for the first 2 months that I played. Yep, I even got gifts. It was an experiment on the back of my computer games degree course.

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