In case you were wondering about my sometimes seemingly-obtuse blog titles, the title is always a reference to something written or said in the blog entry! Perhaps I should run a points system, for those that work it out.

Today I have a lot to write about, but I don’t want to squeeze a bunch of eclectic thoughts into an entry that might not ‘gel’, and thus ruin the whole flow of the thing, so I’ll try to stick to just a couple of topics.

First, a pretty picture (everyone likes pretty pictures): [singlepic id=31]

I like this one because it has some COLOUR! England is awfully grey at the moment (except for the grass, that’s always green), so I was happy to capture a more lively moment, a hint of spring perhaps?

Second, is the fantastic political faux pas by the Czech Republic today. Apparently it’s customary for whoever’s holding the rolling EU presidency to create some piece of art to celebrate this fact. Or perhaps it’s just the way the Czech do things. Either way, it turns out that the artist had tricked everyone, convincing them all that he was collaborating with other artists to create this satirical masterpiece. What really happened? Apparently he was paid off by some private interest (this is coming from my friend who lives in Prague), who wanted him to embarass the nation, and upset a bunch of other EU members in the process.

The BBC have some great coverage of the exhibit, where you can see just how LARGE this thing is. I found a slideshow, where you can check the individual works out in detail — check out number 8, Bulgaria.This one has actually drawn ultimatums from the Bulgarian government, demanding it be taken down, lest further action be taken…

Squat toilets are obviously no laughing matter.

Moving a few thousand miles west, towards the land of opportunity, the inauguration of Mr Obama draws ever nearer.  Microsoft have developed a funky new technology called ‘Photosynth’. What it does (and I’m sure I’ve seen this done a couple of years ago, by Google) is compile thousands of user-submitted photos into one large collage of photos. It cleverly aligns each image so that you can move around, almost freely, almost as if you’re there. Be sure to check their site, after midday EST. If you want to see an example of it in action, check out this Photosynth of the Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in DC.

Anyway! In a bit of slightly bad news, my interactive murder mystery won’t be ready to start until Wednesday (or even Thursday!) Who would’ve thought that writing a multiple-path story could be hard, huh!

But the good news is that I felt the need to warm up before I really start. I have to get back into acting, and characterisation, and accents! So I recorded a little opening sequence from another story I might do in the future — a wild west story  — a story that I have particular attachment to, from my roleplaying days at university. It really is just a rehearsal, an attempt to get into character, and switch character quickly. It was much harder than I thought it would be, to shift from accent to accent, and back to the narrator. There’s also a fan to be heard in the background, as I didn’t originally plan to make this public… It doesn’t get in the way much though!

It’s not too late to vote for the non-Slavic options in the poll, friends… have pity on me…

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