Last year there was a delightful (OK, shaudenfreude again) little story about a guy that murdered his wife after she changed her Facebook relationship status to… Single.

Pretty freaky, right? That’s what I thought! And then today I was reading the BBC news and someone’s done it again! I assume there’s a bit more said to the judge than ‘she changed her status to single, guv’nor’! These were obviously some pretty troubled relationships, before Facebook entered the equation. But it makes you wonder if he would’ve murdered her if they weren’t on Facebook. Maybe they would’ve just had a little scuffle… but the moment she changed her status to ‘Single’, maybe 200 of his friends found out about it, instantly, without his consent. An otherwise normal or slightly-aggressive man is a whole different animal when he’s had his pride and ego attacked.

Looks like a murderer to me...

Looks like a murderer to me...

On the other hand, it’s always lovely to see two of your mutual friends suddenly announce they are in a relationship! Or a girl that you like has just left another relationship and is now available for some coffee and consolation…

While on the topic of Facebook, Obama, who was probably elected because of the Facebook campaign, who is our new president and King (haha) has made history by… using email! Yes, he’s the first president ever to use email while in the White House. Until now it’s not been used, for security reasons, and because the post-Watergate laws stipulate that all Presidential communication needs to be recorded in the national archives. But it seems he was adamant about being able to keep in touch with his friends — and change his Facebook status (and probably Twitter too) — that he’s been allowed to keep his BlackBerry. If the president himself can’t break the rules, I guess no one can.

I can’t really find a real way to change the topic smoothly, so I’ll just open with this:

Kitten Hitler. Kitler.

Kitten Hitler. Kitler. Their phrasing, not mine.

Yup, it’s Cats That Look Like Hitler: Does your cat look like Adolf Hitler? Do you wake up in a cold sweat every night wondering if he’s going to up and invade Poland? Does he keep putting his right paw in the air while making a noise that sounds suspiciously like “Sieg Miaow”?

If such an introduction piques your interest, here’s a one more. Evil-lookin’ bugger.

I wanted to tell you a story from university, about a large, angry goose that we caught near a lake and then left in someone’s flat, but now it’s too late and I need to sleep. I’ll tell it tomorrow!

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