For a long time I’ve wanted to go to the sub-Saharan savannas. I want to watch springbok leap gracefully through the tall, dry grass. I want to pat a hippopotamus on the head and call him a ‘good boy’. I want to do many things, and I admit you can’t do much in Africa except for look at things (unless you want to go and hunt animals, but that’s not really my thing), but the allure of going as far ‘into the wild’ as you possibly can does have a certain appeal. A limited appeal, I must admit — I’m usually OK for the first 48 hours, and then I’m really craving the internet, and my email. And Facebook.

Although given a camera, and the African savannas… I could probably get by without technology for a little longer. Imagine, I could be taking photos like this:

Well, the little guy doesn't seem too bothered...

Well, the little guy doesn't seem too bothered...

I was reading through a magazine, a year or two ago, which highlighted the 10 most romantic hotels in the world — places you go to on your honeymoon, or at least experience with another person. It was a sappy time for me, as I was totally smitten with my girlfriend at the time, so I put myself in each of the hotels, and imagined what it would be like for me, for her, for us. ANYWAY… one of them was a ‘tree tent’ somewhere in Kenya. You hung, in a tree, far enough off the ground that you were safe. Part of the attraction was that you could hear elephants eating in the night, and other animals crawling around the tree. The level of mod-cons available was pretty low — I think there was a portable toilet — but you don’t go to a place like that for the whole romantic-weekend-in-a-king-sized-bed-with-room-service thing.

I looked around on the internet, for the tree tents and this is pretty close. Some of the other hotels were just as astounding, like the one in Borneo (or another Pacific island), where the hotel was built over/around some kind of small lagoon and collection of small islands. Each hotel room had its own little island, connected via some wooden walkways. Maybe one day there’ll be another suitable girl to take to such places!

Tomorrow I’m going to try and take some more photos, and perhaps record another little audio entry. You should go and vote on chapter 1 too. Listen, and vote! It’s no good if the votes are split. Oh, and a friend and I are working on a web comic, which won’t be related to this site in any way, but if you are into gaming web comics (and by God there are thousands of them on the Internet), and you like zombies, and brains, maybe you’ll enjoy ours!

The birds... the birds is coming!
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