Those observant individuals amongst you will have noticed that I didn’t actually write anything about myself in the previous entry. That’s what we call ‘writing a subject, and then getting slightly sidetracked’. I tend to sidetrack a lot, as there’s an vast amount of information rattling around in my head. All of my memories and experiences are jostling,  shoving and trying to be heard. So I might ramble occasionally, you’ve been warned.

There, that’s something about me!

I think I want to write about Terry Pratchett again; Sir Terry, as he will henceforth be known! I’m a self-proclaimed Discworld Dork — I own all of his Discworld novels, and a large portion of them are first editions that I’ve tracked down on sites like Abe Books. We’re talking about an author that’s so prolific that he was the most-read living author in England (and most of the world)… before JK Rowling stole the crown from him. I think he was over 55 million copies sold, last I checked.

Pratchett is a master storyteller. Some critics would even go as far to say he writes literature (no, not like the stuff I linked yesterday). He weaves intricate mysteries jam-packed full of great observational comedy. It’s almost like Satire-Fantasy instead of Science-Fantasy (a genre he almost created).

Anyway, the sad bit is that he’s been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. All good things must come to an end, I guess. He’s promised us dedicated readers that he has lots of notes left, and he intends to continue writing for as long as possible!

As for whether you should read his stuff or not, and where you should begin (the Discworld series is large!), if you like dry, English wit, satire, observational comedy, high fantasy, magic, dragons, philosophy… you should probably begin with Reaper Man. Oh, and you can probably find 95% of his books at your local library, because he’s just that popular.

In other news, Matt Smith has just been announced as the new Doctor to take over from David Tennant. Young blood. Talented too, from the look. Perhaps a little inexperienced, and not quite Royal Shakespeare Company-quality like David or Ecclestone before him… but I’m sure he’ll be great!

And I also added a couple more photos to my Sussex gallery, but I think I’ll wait for more favourable conditions (i.e. clouds…) before I take some more.

Ah, I didn’t write about myself again…

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