First of all, any post that in any way references Heroes automatically deserves a mention of Kristen Bell, and a link to a hot picture (notice how I don’t plaster your screen with pictures of her hot, pliable, pale flesh… I have mastered the art of self-control, obviously…)

With that out of the way (and it’s hard to push Kristen to one side, I assure you, but I’ll do my best, for the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to write this), in case the Gods really are smiling down on me, and someone from the cast of Heroes happens to read this blog, I should probably mention that Hayden Panettiere is also very beautiful. I would turn neither of these fine blonde beauties down, given the opportunity. Everyone deserves a chance, after all. Save Seb’s libido, save the world, remember?

Anyway, I had my hair cut today. My sister’s a hairdresser for some snobby salon called ‘Rush‘, so I get funky and ‘modern’ hair cuts at a fraction of the price that other mere mortals might pay. It was only later, as I was looking through some photos of my new hair, that I looked remarkably like Sylar. Similar shape of face, fairly large eyebrows, and the same air of evil omnipotent malevolence (it’s true,  I’m evil). You wouldn’t leave me in the same room as your teenage, blonde daughter, would you?


Well, maybe if she’d misbehaved a little

Recently Heroes has received a lot of bad press (although not as bad as Season 2, but we can blame the WGA writers’ strike for that!), with total viewing figures still way down on Season 1 (and losing out to some truly atrocious American programming). I thought the episodes we had before Christmas were fantastic! Hopefully the end of season 3 (volume 4) will continue the upwards curve of excitement and mystery that Heroes really thrives upon. And stay away from the time travel please — don’t writers understand that time-travel paradoxes drive intelligent people utterly nuts? “But he could go back in time again to fix it…!” that wouldn’t make for a great story though — Hiro only goes back in time when it best befits the burgeoning paradoxical plot.

The thing is, it’s still far greater than any other supernatural drama on TV (but BSG is starting again on Friday…) I guess after such an awesome first season it was only natural that people would grow a little tired after a poor second season and not tune into season 3. I guess season 4 will make or break the show, as long as we’re treated to an awesome finale to season 3!

I think people forget that downloadable TV episodes (and on-demand via a variety of services) bite into viewing shares significantly. I know of one TV distribution group that can shift over 500,000 copies of popular TV shows on a weekly basis (Lost, House, Heroes, etc.) Not all of these downloaders are from the USA, but some certainly are (most are Europeans that don’t want to wait for their local TV stations to syndicate the shows).

Anyway, while I’m on this fairly-geeky streak, I’m going to slip in one link on flying… cars! Yes, flying cars. No, they haven’t been injected with some kind of ‘Hero serum’ — they’re just flying cars. Slightly impractical? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah!

I’ll leave you with a picture of me, posing with two of my cute female friends.


'Wow, you're mighty tall'
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