(The subject just pulls you right in, right? This is where I deliver the one-two sucker punch with this awful video that I was unfortunately shown earlier today: car window rape. It’s safe for work (there’s no nudity), but you might want to wait until you’re in the privacy of your own home, as it’s a little… offbeat.)

Well, with that out of the way (and surprise-sex is no laughing matter, kids), we can move onto lighter material. Tic Tac music!

It’s really very good, so click ‘play’! It’s undoubtedly a viral video (how many pretty people can you spot?), but worth sharing anyway. Talking of viral videos, a site actually indexes how many blogs are linking to viral videos, to see how quickly they spread; you can see how they picked up my link to Chainsaw Maid last week.)

Today I was woken up at some god-awful hour (if the sun hasn’t started its downward arc, it’s too early), to be told I have to quickly run downstairs to sign for a delivery. Being the fantastic person that I am, I clamber out of bed, almost surf down the stairs, regain my balance at the bottom, and quickly open the front door. It is at, or around, this time I realised that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. One can only hope that delivery companies train their drivers in the finer arts of discretion. I think I saw a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

Me: You have something for me?
Delivery Man: Er… yeah. You have to sign to say you received the goods.
<Uncomfortable silence>
Me: Do you have a pen?
Delivery Man: Looks like you don’t need mine.

Moving swiftly onwards, to video games. Some crazy US Senator (Joe Baca) has introduced some legislation that will require games to list … health warnings. I kid you not. ‘GAMING MIGHT CAUSE YOU TO DRINK, DRIVE AND MOW DOWN INNOCENT CIVILIANS’.

Some people are really insistent that games are a major cause of all sorts of real world situations. Interestingly, such legislation is nearly always created by people that were not brought up with video games. Basically, everyone that’s now younger than 40 years old (or so) grew up with video games in their household, or at least accessible to them. As the years go by, that age will creep up, until around 2050, when just about everyone alive will have been brought up with video games. I can’t wait for the curve to embrace the 50 year olds — we’ll finally have some people in government that played video games as children! It’s truly silly to try and legislate such a massively popular industry.

Perhaps adults are worried that games are a whole lot more educational than TV. Instead of spending our formative years in front of a cathode ray tube, slowly dementing our mental faculties, we’re actually utilising our brains! So what if that cranial activity is planning the perfect death for someone else, or mugging nuns…!

The games industry, much like the TV and film industry decimated the radio industry, is now destroying TV and film. In 2008, the film, TV and recorded music industries all stagnated or contracted. Games, in comparison, grew 40%! At this rate, if you listen to the ancient legislators, we’re in for a very rough time.

I’m just going out on a limb here, but not so long ago, didn’t people claim that TV and movies also caused violence?

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