It seems I’m not the only one that keeps a very late schedule, the weird, petite Indonesian does too. I’ve kept ‘American hours’ for a long time now… I think since I played Asheron’s Call (one of the earlier online games, like EverQuest) with a bunch of Americans. Their prime time, 8-10pm, was around 1-3am my time…

It resulted in a few uncomfortable moments where I would be stumbling downstairs around 7am for a snack, and I would bump into my father who was just waking up to go to work. I’ve got it a little more under control now — I go to bed at 4, and wake up at 12. Occasionally I’m forced to get up at a ‘normal’ hour, but I can still operate on 4 hours of sleep.

And now I’m ranting like the girl from out East…

I’ll just give you a few videos which are all totally HILARIOUS, and totally worth watching [youtube][/youtube]

Okay, that wasn’t a video. You have to admit it was possibly one of the most funny and disturbing videos you’ve ever seen (if you know who Rolf Harris is anyway…) If you hadn’t quite worked it out, it’s a cover of ‘I Touch Myself‘ by the Divinyls (how come I’ve never heard of them before, but I know the song?)

If that didn’t make you laugh, how about this:

It’s that moment when she hits the ground and you can hear a sound not unlike a coconut being tapped with a hammer. Donk. Sounds a bit hollow…

I promise the ducks, and all sorts of bird-related stuff is coming. After I watch Battlestar Galactica (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, ABOUT THE THIRTEENTH COLONY?!).

Life on Mars
The birds... the birds is coming!


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