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After 20 years, we finally have a new Simpsons intro! It’s sharper, cleaned up, and… fairly pure! A lot of new stuff has been included, with the only notable exception is the lack of Homer’s girly yelp at the end. The intro does a much better job of introducing the side-characters. The show has been in HDTV for a while, but the intro being two decades old was understandably not HDTV — this new intro is! (so that means the entire show is now being shown in HDTV… rejoice… European pirate TV downloaders! On the topic of piracy, The Pirate Bay’s trial begins next week! Stay tuned, it’s going to be a landmark case.)

While I’m linking videos, I have a failing Tetris player for your joyous consumption (and a Tetris cosplayer, but I imagine he’s being paid a lot to wear the Gameboy outfit… which makes it OK!)


I could’ve chosen any number of gaming videos, but I think about 90% of the Western population has played Tetris, so you should be able to relate to just how stupid this poor kid is.

Then to finish, I have a lovely picture of… the end of a rainbow! Sadly, there wasn’t a pot of gold, but it does look rather spectacular. I’d always been lead to believe it was impossible to photograph the end of a rainbow, due to the way they’re formed… I guess my science teacher was lying ALL THIS TIME! Now I have a weird urge to chase down rainbows…

The end of the rainbow

Loot distribution in World of Warcraft
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