So sorry, I haven’t written anything exciting today because I’ve spent the last 6 hours or so fighting, wrangling and finally head-locking WordPress into displaying some pages just so. It’s hard being a perfectionist; luckily I’m a programmer, or some of the customisations might not’ve been possible!

Anyway, as some kind of apology, I do have two lovely videos from Break for you.

First, a psychopathic just-broken-up girlfriend:

And secondly, because you’re going to want to calm down after that true display of… um… passion (I love how she spares the beautiful TV though after the wild pleading of the on-looker — but a bit of me died inside when she stomped on the laptop…), I have a rather spectacular… jellyfish.

Finally, if this picture below piques your interest, read the article about La Princesse, the 50ft spider.

If Godzilla was a spider...

If Godzilla was a spider...

This is my life...
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