Following on from my ‘Gamer myths analysed‘, I was asked to confirm my claim that gamers can actually quite attractive.

First, I would like to define ‘ugly’ as ‘uncaring about appearance’ rather than ‘deformed genetically’. Even someone that is ugly by most conventional standards (wall eyed!) can be attractive if they’re clean, well-dressed and have a good complexion. I’m not going to claim that gamers are beautiful — I’m just saying that we’re not all fat, greasy and spotty. We don’t all live at home until we’re 40, eating pizza daily and showering weekly.

I propose that the antisocial gamers tend to be ugly. Those stereotypical pale-skinned loner geeks are ugly.  Social gamers tend to be quite attractive!

With the focus on gaming moving further and further towards the multiplayer experience the popularity of the LAN party will continue to increase. With an increase in social gaming, geeks will improve their image. They’ll shower daily, and brush their hair. One day, they might even go out and buy some non-black t-shirts… but one step at a time! As more girls attend LAN parties there’ll also be a huge bonus to cleaning and dressing adequately — you might actually get laid.

So here’s my wall of ‘pretty gamers’, from my World of Warcraft guild:


I don’t claim that we’re the most beautiful group of people in the world, but hopefully I’ve done a little to dispel the myth that gamers are all fat and ugly.

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