… but meanwhile, while the lazy bloggers are wrapped up in bed, most likely nursing a hangover, Sebastian is scarpering around outdoors and driving to the tops of nearby hills to take photos of the snow we had today. Following on from my little ‘Global Cooling’ rant, it seems we’re now due a massive snowstorm — with up to 15cm of snow in some places! FIFTEEN CENTIMETERS! Madness. The picture I took last year, in April, was only about 5 or 6cm, and I thought that was a lot.

Anyway, I’ve been a busy-bee this week — I photographed a show — Stepping Out — which was fantastically lit by friend Gabriel. It’s not the most exciting show in the world (Can you say ‘it only has one location’?), but the lighting can really make or break a show. As a photographer, the lighting is almost the only thing I am interested in, assuming the actors actually know how to act.

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(Some more can be found in the ‘People‘ album)

I actually found it quite hard to work with the Sigma 10-20mm when I was taking the Stepping Out photos. It has such a vast field of view that it really is hard to make the entire frame interesting. Not to mention that you need a LOT of ambient light to make it work indoors — it’s very rare for an entire room/stage to be well-lit, and so you end up having to under-expose heavily, or the few well-lit elements are way over-exposed — the photos tended to come out quite dreary and low-contrast. I guess it really is an outdoor landscape lens!

I also took a bunch of photos today, a few of which you can find in the Sussex album, and I took a rather fun self-portrait when we had yet another power cut. Really, you’d think that living in England would entitle me to Western World benefits, like stable electricity… but alas. But it’s not all bad to be forced away from my computers occasionally; a lot of things have been invented or discovered when necessity strikes, or people are taken away from their comfort zone. I doubt we’d have harnessed electricity quite so quickly and efficiently if the Americans hadn’t required a ‘good’ way to execute people at the time.

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Anyway, I digress. Today was meant to be a post of photos, as people probably don’t want to focus on anything too meaty on a Sunday. So here’s a lovely captioned image, quite accurately portraying the current success and affluence of black people (and almost-black people):

Poor Michael

Poor Michael

(You could click it for a full-size version, if you can’t make out the writing…)

I’m working feverishly on my Pakistani accent, but I’m really concerned it might be slightly offensive to anyone of somewhat Eastern origin; and it might also just be plain offensive on the ears of everyone else. I may just wimp-out and do some Russian/Slavic thing. They’re so incredibly misogynistic there that  it was quite awesome (and awful) to observe male/female interactions while I was there. They have the whole patriarchial thing going on in the household too. It wasn’t always overt domination, but there was always those little, questioning looks from the woman to the man, to see if he approved, or if he was about to blow his top.

But man, their women were beautiful…

Oh, and I caught a fox in my garden this morning — are its eyes shut?!

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