‘Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, due to small parts’

‘Toxic if inhaled’

‘This side up’

‘In the case of emergency, do not attempt to resuscitate’

Don't give a kitten the kiss of life...

I can’t actually find the original Sun article for this (at least it’s not online), so it’s possibly a fake. But I’d like to believe it; especially the plan to honour the fireman.

While we’re on the topic of, um… no, this is completely off-topic, but it’s funny (and a wee bit scary), and I might as well put all the funny pictures in one entry. I give you the iScreener*:

The first person to invent such a system (and it’s probably already being worked on) will be a very rich person indeed.  A system where you can rate people after chance encounters in a bar, a club, or even in the supermarket. Not only will our forum profiles have karma ratings, not only will we have credit ratings — we’ll have personal star ratings. A divorce will lose you a few points, but donating money to a charity will bump you back up again.

What a scary thought. I wonder what rating I would have, out of 10, all things considered. Who would decide the weightings of each Pro and Con? Google perhaps…

Would you hack the database to elevate your rating to secure the new girlfriend?

We are realistically only a year or two (or less!) away from portable retina scanners. Food for thought…

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