While writing something altogether more… meaty… I got a little side-tracked by the thought ‘I bet it’d be fun to look through some of my old photos.’

You see, I was going through some photos I took of a friend (some head shots), and I found a truly atrocious photo of myself, wearing sandals (and socks!), shorts (with hairy legs), a t-shirt, and a hairband. It was pretty bad, made worse by the fact that I was actually posing for the photo…

What can I say, I’m comfortable with my appearance (thus the photo of me in a tutu, or as a gay cowboy).

Anyway, the point was, it got me thinking about times gone by! So I started digging through some old photos, hoping to find something nice to reminisce over and to show on my blog! You may or may not know this, but you do now: our senses trigger memories. If you smell something that you’ve smelt before, it will tend to trigger the recall of a memory. The same goes with hearing and touch… and of course the most vivid of all — sight! When you pick up an old photo you are almost magically transported back to that moment. The feelings associated with that moment in time come flooding back to you — the freshness of the air perhaps, or the elation as you re-live looking down at the Grand Canyon for the first time.

That’s why we, as a race, love taking photos. We love having these little, easily-accessible keys to our vast memory. It also goes a long way to explain why some people feel slightly violated when someone has a photo of them (especially after a bad break up), or why some tribes/cults think that photographs steal your soul.

Enjoy a few choice photos (not from my travels, I’m saving those for when I can accompany them with stories!) — and poke around the collections (on the sidebar, if you’re not on my blog right now).

To start with, a picture from my second year at university. This is Sadiq. One of about… three friends that I have (I am probably overestimating by 1 or 2!) You can also see I’m not lying when I say I’m 6’5″. We just about to head out to the summer ball — University of Essex’s famous all night summer ball, where a ‘survivors photo’ is taken at 6am!

Right, with the sappy stuff out of the way, I can post some arty photos! This first one is one of the very first photos I took with my first digital camera (Canon 300D). The joy of super-shallow depth of field with an F1.4 50mm lens… I’ve always intended to take some more ‘impressionistic’ photos, I just need it to be sunny enough so that I can recreate the right conditions!


And the last one is just another at-dusk photo from near my house. I love this one because… well, it was a cold and very fresh night. I was alone, in a large field, with nothing to be heard except for the quiet snap of the shutter on my camera. Some of my favourite experiences have been alone, up the top of a mountain in Turkey, or looking out over Belgrade. Perhaps you can only find yourself in true reflective solitude? Plus, everyone loves a bit of mist!


Now back to writing something slightly more punchy.

I know it's awfully late...
How do you drive the progress of a WoW raiding guild?


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