… We would’ve watched the tide roll away, but it was just too frackin’ cold (this week’s BSG was pretty weak, by the way… but apparently we’re in for a 3-hour season finale, which better be as good as season 1, and give us the conclusion of all the straggling, dangling plots…)

This is just a sneak preview of what’s to come, when I get back home and I have software to at least rotate my images a little…

Southampton - Dock Gate 4

It needs a lot doing to it, but it has promise!

After we’d regained sensation in our fingers (and other extremities, in the case of Adam and I), we headed to a lovely Indian restaurant… which was completely purple! Outside had a full-width neon-purple sign; inside it was bathed in purple lights. Luckily I was wearing my pink t-shirt so I fit rather well and looked rather… mauve.

Tomorrow we’re off to the ‘highest point in South England’. Probably at least 200 meters above sea level! I’ll be able to see all the way to… the horizon! Green as far as the eye can see; awesome…!

Somewhere beyond the sea... like Southampton!
A ramble through the hills of Surrey


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