Everyone loves a bit of the Rat Pack… or failing that, some Bobby Darin!

You don’t have to listen to it, I just thought it was apt, as I’m going down to the coast for the weekend. To Southampton! It’s only about 60 miles away, but this being England, that’s a considerable distance. We’re not like the Americans where a 6 hour journey is ‘just down the road’. 6 hours is the length of England…

I’m heading there for the consummation (and consumption!) of my yearly Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) obligation. Every year I head down to see my university friends that are currently there studying for their PhDs; occasionally, if we’re lucky, other friends from university also turn up. If we’re unlucky, aforementioned bonus friends turn up with their loved ones. We don’t like it when that happens. It’s always a bit of a bitter/sweet thing when someone unexpected turns up — on the one hand I get to catch up with someone that I haven’t seen for years. On the other, shiny-with-grease-and-dripping-with-syrup hand, it means less pancakes for me.

Anyway, to cut to the chase: I’ll be eating pancakes until I burst for the next 2 days. If I don’t update within 2 days, I’ve probably died of pancake poisoning, if such a thing exists. Or perhaps I just can’t find anyone to roll me within range of a computer with an internet connection. Either way, I’ll try my best to take a few photos, and maybe bash out a couple of mid-scoff entries. I’ll get my keyboard all sticky and icecreamy just for you.

The structure and members of a successful guild
Sitting on the dock of Southampton bay...


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