Without further ado, The Irish Penis Monologue:

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Anyone that knows me fairly well (in real life) will probably have realised by now that these monologues are somewhat based on people that I admire, or somehow feel connected to.

Today’s monologue, stars an Irish priest. There is really only one Irish priest that really pops into everyone’s head — Father Ted Crilly (or perhaps Dougal, if you’re that way inclined), the star of one of the finest sitcoms ever to grace our TVs, Father Ted. In a truly odd quirk of fate the star, Dermot Morgan, who plays Father Ted and who was only 46, died of a heart attack only 24 hours after they finished filming the last ever episode of the show.

(Possibly one of the best British sketches of all time)

The show came a rather important time, when the Catholic church was under a lot of pressure from the media. Luckily, the show definitely threw the church into a different light, with an amazing cast of bumbling, inane and really special priests. Father Ted himself was meant to represent the sane, normal priest — the character that actually kept the plot moving in some kind of direction — who was stuck with these truly demented priests, for all eternity, for a reason that is never really made clear to the viewer.

If you’ve never seen it, and you like British situation comedy, Father Ted is probably the funniest thing you could ever buy, or download. In fact, I dare you to watch an episode and tell me you didn’t laugh out loud at least a handful of times. You can a great review of it at Television Heaven, if you don’t trust someone that spends his days roleplaying cowboys and Irish priests.

I hope you liked the Irish monologue! I think it might be Pakistani tomorrow… have mercy upon me Vishnu

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