I’m sitting here, trying to wiggle my toes. I’m sure they are down there somewhere, I just can’t feel them.

It hasn’t been above 2 degrees in 3 days now — the snow is still there. I thought snow was meant to act as an insulator, but it’s frickin’ freezing in my room. I’m wearing a wooly jumper, 2 pairs of socks, slippers and gloves.

So, to get away from the cold, it’s now time for something completely different. Sunny, balmy, land-of-the-eternal-barbecue… Australia!

(If you can’t see the player, you’ll have to visit my blog)

Join Bruce the Australian Surfer & Rodeo Rider on this, the fifth and final (for now!) penis monologue.

Right now I’m in the middle of raiding, waiting for some person with a broken computer to come back online. The joy of massively-multiplayer online gaming. The constant logistical nightmare of organising a guild of 150 people. Trying to keep 20 different nationalities playing together nicely and assuage the tensions caused by different religions, national holidays and ways of life.

Oh, he’s back online. Back to the grind!

Snowy Sledding
Burning the midnight, er, 4am oil...


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