The first hint you had was that I was watching TV shows and reviewing them, instead of going out to wine and dine some beautiful lady. The second is that I’m actually writing this, instead of in bed, trying to execute a sexual position that requires far more upper-body strength than I possess.

Now, I’m not some kind of militaristic single; I’d love to be celebrating today with a girlfriend, I just don’t have one.

My sister’s with her boyfriend (thankfully they won’t be keeping me up tonight — ugh), and my parents are out having a lovely day together. That leaves me here at home, all alone. But it’s OK! I’ve found 5 things that I can do, while home alone, sighing wistfully for a cute woman to come and whisk me off my feet:

(This might read as ’5 ways to pamper yourself’ as written by a girl… but men like comfy pleasures too!)

  1. Cook yourself something nice. Spend time preparing the food. Prepare it just how you like it. You don’t have to cater to someone else’s tastes, so you can really spoil your taste buds. It’s also rather relaxing to take your time cooking, I find! (If you don’t know what to cook, find a nice recipe online… and give it a go!)
  2. Wear something comfortable. Yeah… I’m straight, really! But again, when you’re alone, there’s no need to dress up; so dress down! Put on those comfy jeans that you hope your girlfriend/boyfriend never see you in. The ones that make you look like a heffer. Put on that big wooly jumper that you can cuddle into, the one that makes you look like you have something to hide.
  3. Put on some feel-good music. I know this sounds awfully girly, but there’s no reason for girls to be the only ones that enjoy sappy, feel-good music. Right now I’m listening to The Bacharach & David Songbook, 22 of their greatest hits sung by Dionne Warwick (just look at the number of hit singles this guy has written!)
  4. Read a book, or watch a magical film. Books and films both have one thing in common — they take you to different places. It’s quite easy for a good book or film to transport you to another world, perhaps a more pleasant place to be until Valentine’s Day is over. I’m not saying it has to be something entirely sappy and romantic — that might be entirely the wrong thing! How about Big Fish, or Amelie? (OK, that’s a bit sappy, but it’s so magical!)
  5. Run a hot bath. Okay, I know I’m definitely treading on girl territory here. But why can’t men also enjoy a hot, steamy bath? With bubbles? There’s a huge disparity in this world… why do men hardly pamper themselves? I quite enjoy it when I set little candles around my bath, turn the light out and slip slowly into a hot bubble bath. I’m trying to think of what is customarily the ‘male’ alternative to this is — ‘drink some beers with the lads’ doesn’t seem to quite fit the bill.

That’s probably enough for you to get started with this evening (if you’re in the USA). If you’re in the UK, or out to the East, I guess you’ll just have to try it next year… or the next time you’re home alone!

While we’re on the topic of Valentine’s Day (and this will be the last Valentine’s Day-inspired post, I promise you), I was thinking about ex-girlfriends, as one does, and I remembered a photo I had taken and dedicated to a girlfriend. I haven’t actually done it again since, but I think if I were to get another girlfriend, I would dedicate a lot more photos to her. It’s a starburst lily, if anyone’s wondering!

Lucy's Lilly

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