As the long arm of my wall clock continued its unstoppable crawl towards 12 and the small hand approached 5, I realised I was very hungry indeed. Being the the hedonistic frivolous guy that I am, I snuck downstairs for a snack.

A quick reconnaissance  of the kitchen showed stocks of all the vital snack foods to be in good order. Checking the fridge I found a bowl of whipped cream left-over from some tea party at the weekend. Thinking it would be awful to let fresh cream go unenjoyed, I continued my search for something to put the cream on.

And then, out of nowhere, it hit me like a lightning bolt: Frosties. EVERYTHING goes well with Frosties, but its best bowl partner, by far and without a shadow of doubt, is cream.

I begun by pouring the Frosties themselves liberally into a bowl. This was the easy bit.


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but this is a snack I’ve had on many an occasion, so I thought I’d try to ‘sass’ it up with some icing sugar.


Still so far, so good. Ish. That’s when things took a tumultuous, troublesome turn. My lens has a 1 meter minimum focus. I can’t quite extend my arm a meter, and still look through the viewfinder. Shit; what a quandary. How was I meant to take the proverbial ‘money shot’?! After some clever use of a timer and an act of contortion that I don’t feel comfortable telling you about, I got this:


I guess I shouldn’t give up the day job… or at least I should find someone to pour the milk for me. It tasted damn good at least! If you haven’t had cream on Frosties (with ice cold milk!), I heartily (just don’t think of your arteries) recommend it.

For those guys that are interested in the ‘aftermath’, or the ‘often quick fade to black’ in porno; for those of you that like to see things through to the grim, bitter ending, I have one last photo:


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