The winner of my inaugural competition, beating off all the competition with a big, spiked club is… (and I know this will seem like a fix)… Pink Jellybaby!

Pink. I like pink. Pink slippers. Pink cakes. Pink cats. Even better if it’s sparkly too. Pink laptop. Pink phone. Pink dressing gown. If there’s a choice of colour, I always pick pink. It’s just better that way. Passionate about pink, that’s me. I’d like a pink house but I don’t think The Boy would like that. Boy’s are anti pink. I don’t dress in pink though. That’s important. Not everything is good in pink. You have to know where the boundaries are.

I have to admit, I also love pink. I don’t know when I first started loving pink, but I think it probably had something to do with my mother’s pink scarves and pashminas that were always left hanging around the house. I would put them on, and make faces in the mirror… and put sunglasses on…

(Which is where the top right frame of my ‘homage to pink‘ comes from!)

As the winner, I will now read the majority of Pink’s blog and try to really get INSIDE HER HEAD. I will perform the the equivalent of an autopsy, but with her pink pulse still racing. When I think I’ve finally worked out what makes her tick I’ll embark on an epic photo shoot (and some digital manipulation) to bring her the finest avatar possible; an avatar that embodies her spirit and personality so perfectly that she’ll wonder if I’m wholly human… and not some kind of angel.

Anyway, I must rush off now, as it’s Mother’s Day here in England (and for a few other countries I think), and I must spoil my mother with a nice lunch. My dad’s excited because he going to get a free lunch… damn him. I hope it’s as beautiful there as it is here (but really, there’s nothing as beautiful as England bathed in golden, spring sunshine).

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