A few of you doubted that I actually left the house with my ‘dual-beard’ setup.

To those of little faith, I give you: Sebastian goes to the post office.


Not sure why all of the whites have been replaced with pinks — I guess my grandmother’s camera is going through its dying throes.

Afterward, I walked into the post office and stepped up to the little booth with my head down. ‘I need to send something to a friend of mine’ I said rather noncommittally. Then I raised my head and fixed a grim stare at her, grinning with just the evil side of my face. I have to say, she coped rather well! She quite visibly recoiled, a look of concerned disgust on her face, but recovered quickly. There was a quick intake of breath, and she shocked me with what she said next: ”Sure, just put your package on the scales… turn around, and leave this place of sanctity, you vile beast!’

And so I did.

I bet they have a picture of me under their desk now — a grainy, black and white security camera one.  Right next to the panic button.

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