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It’s the weekend, and the blogosphere is… occupied.

In the East, bloggers are out partying, far to the West bloggers are whacking their alarms and rolling over, back to sleep. But here, in the middle (and I’m about 500 meters from the West/East Meridian), I’m awake, with nothing to do.

So, I thought I’d write.

Last night I was up until some Godawful hour sorting through some old photos. Most of them were already on my old photography site, but much like writing, when you look at photos again, with fresh eyes, you suddenly find a bunch of things wrong with each photo; and likewise, I found photos that I didn’t like at the time, but I do now, like this one from Las Vegas:


I found a lovely self-portrait which I took during a blue moon 5 years ago (and an accompanying series of moon-lit photos). I also started to populate the Essex and USA collections — they’re not complete, but I’ll try to keep filling them up. The Essex page has lots of nice live music photography — no major bands, but still some nice photos of charismatic singers and guitarists. The USA collection, I’ve discovered, isn’t great and it’s rather small. I’m missing a bunch of photos from my first trip though (the one with The Cheerleader), and on the later trips I spent a lot of time socialising rather than seeing the sights. There’s some of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite though! And some lovely ones taken from Seattle’s coast.

I’ve also added some more to the Sussex gallery — some nice at-dawn photos — and the People gallery with some lovely ones of my cousins who are disgustingly photogenic. They make me look like something the dog dragged in, bastards.


I also stumbled across a lot of photos from my long-term relationship at university which sent hopping and skipping along memory lane. Very vivid photos. Grabbing… and kissing… and… things. I tried to stop myself from lingering, but I kept sliding the CD back in and staring… and tilting my head and staring some more. My poor ex; her ears must’ve been burning last night.

(I didn’t upload any of those, sorry!)

That’s all, for now. Now if only my BSG-watching buddy would turn up, so I could get stuck into watching the PENULTIMATE EPISODE. It better be damn good. And Dollhouse episode 6 is almost here! Only 1 more week until it gets good!

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