If you don’t like pretty photos, just scroll on by.

If you DO like pretty photos, well, you just might like these photos taken of some daffodils on our estate. I skillfully waited until that ‘golden hour’, as the sun was making its final descent towards the horizon and then… I STRUCK! Like a velociraptor, or some other rapidly-descending creature that brutally captures its prey. Only my prey was daffodils, and I don’t move very quickly — but you get the point…

I know they look almost surreal: it’s because the sun is so low that it’s only hitting some flowers, and not others (there are obstacles that you can’t see in the photo, like fences/trees). If you’ve ever driven or walked through some woods in the autumn (fall) and marvelled at how just the tops of the trees are set alight by the golden rays of sun, then you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, these are the last daffodil photos I’ll be taking, so… enjoy them! Next up… um… bluebells?



There’s one more which is nice, but I couldn’t quite get the right crop on it. I’ll just leave it as a link here, if you really dig daffodils. Or my photos. Or both!

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