‘Elephant Bird egg stories’ doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as smoothly, though.

For those of you that’ve been following me for a few months now, you’ll know that I often pass the time by telling little stories — stories which my friends have named ‘goose egg stories‘. Because of their long, belaboured, drawn-out nature with no real rhyme or reason, and no real ending. The one they obviously loved the most was about a goose egg — and thus the goose egg story was born.

So it would seem that a lot of my stories are just that: stories, or little tales of a slightly mischevious nature. I try my best to give them a beginning, middle and end but sometimes I slip and fall, breaking proverbial eggs, failing to even get past the beginning.

Anyway!  You might’ve heard that the largest egg ever (and we’re talking even larger than dinosaur eggs, somehow) is coming up for sale this Sunday in England. There’s a golden quote from the organiser, Duncan Phillips: “It’s a real talking point in a room because you can ask people to guess where it comes from.”


I guess if you’re the kind of person that has more money than sense, you might have friends that would play a banal game of ‘guess where my egg is from’.

It’s 400 years old, and comes from the Elephant Bird — a bird that’s now extinct, because it was hunted extensively… and because it couldn’t fly. Silly evolution. They were over 3 meters tall though!

If memory serves me correctly, the only non-flying birds that have survived through to today are ostriches and penguins — one can poke your eyes out and can run almost as fast as a cheetah, and the other lives in the most inhospitable  place in the world: Antarctica. Though these guys probably didn’t become extinct for lack of trying — it’s just that their eggs were so large and juicy, and would easily feed a whole family (or entire village?!)

I tricked you: this has been an educational goose egg story! Hah! At least it had a beginning, and a middle…

I must work on my endings.

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