I’ve decided, as Saturday is the day when almost no one surfs the internet that I would dedicate it to whoever happens to be the focus of my beady, male eye. This week, and for the next few weeks no doubt, it will be Eliza Dushku.

If you’re a girl, or you simply have no interest in looking at a cute girl in a very short skirt, you can stop reading now. Alternatively, because let’s face it: you have nothing else to read on Saturday, you could continue!

This week saw Eliza Dushku — Echo — wearing a very short skirt indeed. Any girls that know me (in the Biblical) will know that I love short skirts. I’m not talking sluttishly short, but certainly short enough to get the full effect of those long, silken stilts. Couple that short skirt with some lovely tall, lacy socks and you’re certainly onto a winner (in my bedroom at least).

But no, not content with a short skirt and sexy socks, they threw in a big, red, awesome, phallic bike this week too. ‘It looks like a dragon!’ Eliza exclaims, before mounting — the bike, that is — and racing off to save the day.



I’m aware that socks might be the wrong word, but this is a boy doing the review, not a girl’s magazine. What are they called? Tights? Popsocks? Hoisery? Fishnets? Who cares… just look at those  legs!


Alrighty. That’s my public service for the men of the world done for another week. And girls, if you don’t like being objectified (pfft!), just take this post as ‘How to get that guy, in 2 easy steps: get a short skirt, and a big red bike’, or perhaps just fashion advice: ‘Almost anything goes with a short skirt, because no one’s looking at anything but your legs.’

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