Day 37 is my video blog’s title, by the way. It rolls off the tongue rather nicely I thought.

Before I start, I just thought I’d say that I re-discovered my sex drive today. But that’s for a separate topic tomorrow!

For some illustration, though, my life had become awfully like this little snippet. And I’m only 24. I need sex, damn it, or I might wither away entirely.

Getting old... Seb's lack of sex drive...

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of the directions I can take the plot of Day 37 — obviously a rather-posh sounding Brit stuck in a bunker is already fairly ‘wacky’, and could provide for a plethora of jokes as the snob tries to go about his every-day business, like making tea, or shaving, or hunting foxes. This is probably quite safe, and guaranteed to pull an audience of ‘Brit lovers’.

The other option is to chronicle my slow descent into insanity. Working my way through the list, performing weirder and more depraved acts to keep my mind active (I have quite a nice list of things I can try to do on camera… like put both my legs behind my head…) From my table-top roleplaying experience, I can do insanity quite well… this is probably the funnier option, for me, and for the audience.

I’ll try to decide by tonight, and plot out the rest of the storyline as I discover more about myself, and the bunker that I’ve somehow ended up in. If you have a strong feeling about how the plot should develop, now’s your chance to voice your opinion! Expect chapter 2 sometime later tonight.

And if you didn’t see the first chapter of Day 37, go watch it! (Over 100 people have now… be part of the CRAZE! And give me 5 stars, of course…)

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Day 37: Chapter 2 - Sebastian's hygiene begins to slip a little...


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