Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly, but in my head it’s a lovely, golden trophy. With gilded bits, and encrusted rubies. And a blank plate at the bottom with just my name on it, because I’m the first — and last — to wield such a virtual machination.

Yesterday I was linked to by WoWInsider — the ‘definitive’ World of Warcraft news source. It’s basically a huge collection of journalists that write about every aspect of WoW. One of them, Jennie Lees, wrote a lovely little article about gamer psychology, and linked to my own articles on the topic. She went a lot deeper than I, looking at the Myers-Briggs scale, and even Helen Fisher’s work on brain chemistry.

Anyway, it means that, today at least, I can enjoy a brief moment of Internet celebrity. I recorded an audio blog to commemorate this moment, which hopefully isn’t the high point of my career — but who knows!

(If you can’t see the player, you’ll have to visit my blog)

Tomorrow, however, life will no doubt slip back into normality. I’ll have to wash my body myself and make my own meals. I should enjoy this moment while I can!

Where did I put that bag of cocaine and those escort call cards…

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