Just a little note to say that the Self Portraits collection has been updated! A lot of them have stories attached which, eventually, I will get around to telling.

My favourite though, which I will briefly tell you the story of, is this one:

It was taken at the Ritz Carlton, high upon some hill in Los Angeles, California. I forget why we were there — just exploring, I think — but before we left, I popped to the bathroom to take the most awesome of self-portraits! It only took me three attempts to get the halo perfectly in position… one day I might share the other 2; one day when I fall from grace, and heaven.

I’ve told you that my nickname at university was Jesus, right? I walked around in billowing, white, linen clothing; my arms spread wide, laying my healing hands upon both students and computers alike.

I think I might have a Messianic complex

And the winner is...
The Pink Jellybaby... less demented than the rest


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