I’m sure I’m not posing an original question here, but really… where does everyone go on Sunday?

Is it some kind of antiquated vestigial thing from our monotheistic days? Is Sunday still ‘the day of rest’? Does every blogger suddenly leave their computer to go and be with their families? Are those large Sunday lunches so vast that every blogger falls asleep afterward, not to awaken until Monday?

I might be slightly blinkered by the fact that I don’t have kids, or (m)any friends. I don’t go to church; Sunday isn’t a day of rest — it’s just another day for me. I wake up, climb out of bed, pour a massive mug of coffee, sit down at my computer and… where is everyone? It’s always so lonely out here in the blogosphere, with no one to keep me company.

Perhaps there’s some secret activity that everyone does, except for me. Can’t we we find something to do, or blog about on a Sunday?

So, tell me, where does everyone go on Sunday?

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