Good Day readers! This is Floreta from The Solitary Panda, taking over Seb’s blog for the day.
When Seb asked me via Twitter (shameless plug: @solitarypanda) to write a poem about him once I had reached 100 followers, I knew that I owed him one! What better way to share with you a poem about the man himself than through his blog?

The following is a vlog performance of the poem entitled “An Ode to Seb”.

[Make sure you are seated comfortably, and remove any tight clothing... -S] [vimeo][/vimeo] [The complete text follows, for any historians that might be recording this fateful day, Sebastian immortalised in song... and dance) -S]

An Ode to Seb

When I laid my eyes
Upon that Mythical
Half beard I saw
the Walrus
Yes, the Walrus was Paul
But damn if he
Didn’t look like a Beatle
With his moptop-ish
Long hair
And big
Brown eyes
Staring back at me like
Paul or maybe
George or
Paul and George all rolled into one!
(I’d totally do Paul and George in one!)
The Fab Seb
Making geek girls scream for
In his Space Shuttle
Galactica style
A little healthy
Dose of
Never hurt anyone
I mean
I need a Geek
That can help me
Fix my computer parts
And know how to
Take control
Of my video game
When I can’t beat the boss!
I need a Geek
Who can take pictures of
Mother Nature and then
Mother Nature personified
In actual Female Form
I need a Geek
Who can talk quantum physics and the
Pythagorean Theorem
And then demonstrate
Real world application
Menage-a-trois style
I need a Geek
Who can wrestle me for the remote
And then not even care about the remote
Because I’m so hot he can’t
Dare resist my
Horizontal moves
I mean DAMN
I’m horny
And I’m taking it out
On this poem
An Ode to Seb
I mean
I need a Geek
Who can c0de my template
With sexy syntax scintillating me
Serendipitous sardines
In a Sea of
Bumble Bee Tuna
There are bigger fish
The Fab Seb

[If you like her poetry (or her flair), go and read more at her blog! Or go and listen to my dramatic readings of her poems! -S]

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