Episode 10 of Dollhouse saw a very interesting ‘mechanic’ examined (one almost identical to Caprica, incidentally, if you’ve seen the leaked pilot): If you can be uploaded into one of the Dolls, can life continue after death? At what level of complexity/accuracy does the the copy become more than just a copy and gain sentience? That’s a complex, existential dilemma which I certainly won’t argue about on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but no doubt a topic being discussed on geekier blogs than mine.

Echo finds herself implanted with the memories/spirit/soul/?? of an older lady so that she can discover who murdered her. Quite an interesting take on the formulaic murder-mystery with the standard twists. Unfortunately, being some 60 year old, Dushku doesn’t wear anything particularly skimpy this week, though she does wear a rather fetching silk negligee thing:


There’s a fantastically uncomfortable bit where the old lady’s son kisses his Echo — his mother, in other words. Though, in a negligee like that, I probably couldn’t fault his logic… ‘Meh, Oedipus knew what he was doing…’

Anyway, because of Dushku’s complete lack of slutty sass this week, you get a couple of topless photos of our intrepid investigator Paul — Tahmoh Penikett. He’s really in way too deep with his current girlfriend — he knows she’s a Doll, and he’s obviously suffering some major turmoil — but that doesn’t stop him from throwing her down on his bed like some kind of beast. Really, watching that scene in slow-motion to get this screencap was quite an experience. The facial expressions he makes… blimey.


And then, of course, he has to take a shower after their wild, animalistic sex.


Just two episodes remaining. Still very dubious about a good ending; will we get a big, juicy, two-parter finale, or just a standard episode? Was it written as a mini-series (expect some explosive fireworks), or will we see some real plot progression (low-key finale)? The son mentions a ‘Dollhouse Manhattan’ in this episode, and unless I’m mistaken the current Dollhouse is in Los Angeles, yet again alluding to something bigger. No doubt yet another ‘international, omnipotent shadowy corporation’ that governs most of the known world, ala Prison Break, Heroes, Fringe… I can’t wait; it’s not an over-used plot device, honest.

This summer... Jack Sparrow and Will Turner...


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