To the boys: I’m afraid Dushku wasn’t all that hot this week. Even in the opening scene, where she was wearing a rather fine bustier/corset/something juicy, she had incredibly deep-red lipstick which made her look a bit like a courtesan (though, I guess that’s what she ultimately is — a high-value hooker).

To the girls: Tahmoh Penikett, topless. Muscles rippling, and lip quivvering with rage. Don’t say I don’t spoil you.

For those of you that want an episode review: It was OK. Definitely weaker than episode 6 and 7 (which were both great). I assume this one was just building up the mystery, as every episode seems to be doing. Each episode adds a new layer of complexity — I wonder when that will stop, if ever, or if Josh knows he won’t get a second season, so he’s trying to fit it all in before the end…!


This was as pretty as she got throughout the episode. Still fairly hot, I think you’ll agree. But not quite the same as last week.


Now we’re talking. He’s not actually my kind of guy, but apparently some girls like him… Geek girls, I think.


Okay, he has quite a nice back.

I love Saturdays, I can get away with posting crap like this.

Easter came early!
The middle of a short story (v1.0)


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