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In the spring, in May, England is blanketed in beautiful blooms and that gorgeous, bitter lime green of plants coming back to life.

In the summer, for those glorious two weeks, England is lovely, lazy and hazy, but a little humid.

In the autumn we have acre upon acre of auburn, golden, crinkly-leaved forests to walk through. Crunch, crunch. The sun, an hour before sunset, low in the sky and lighting up just the tops of the trees.

In the winter we have angry clouds and mist that hugs our barren fields.

But in April… in April, we got nothin’. Rain and clouds and wind. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, Mother Nature precipitates some sleet or snow (one of my favourite photos, incidentally). But, basically, it’s wet and cold.

I love rain as much as the next Brit (which isn’t odd, by the way! I’m sure there are weird people out there that enjoy hot weather too… freaks), but as a photographer, rain really puts a damper on things. It’s OK up close and at high-speed (like this photo), and it’s OK if you’re in some kind of extreme setting — rain dripping off the long, wet fronds of a palm tree, or something — but here in England, in April… it’s just grey. We don’t even get funky cloud formations or really heavy, thick, viscous rain. Grey, dismal-damp wetness.

Which brings me neatly onto Brighton, a city on the south coast of England. I was there today, enjoying some fine company and researching a project that I’m working on. It was rainy and windy, but we had fun! Trudging around, plunging in and out of shops to warm and dry ourselves it was a very English experience. The trip wasn’t complete without a trip to the beach and pier, which is where I took these two photos.

They’re not exciting, but it’s England in April. I’ll impress you some more in May, hopefully.


It’s not obvious, but the guy you can see is performing Tai Chi! I thought it was yoga, but I was corrected quickly… Quite a nice location, though!


I don’t even have any words for this one… it’s so… normal. The colour in the water is quite interesting, I guess. And the clouds are almost interesting!

Well, I promised you photos, to make up for the awful rehash post I made yesterday. They’re not amazing, but hey… it’s a view of England you might not have seen before…?

Oh, I just remembered, that wave you see in the first photo — the wave that is blurry from movement — that wave soaked my left foot, leaving me to squishily my way around town for the next couple of hours. I’ll do anything to get that killer photo, man.

It's like one of those awful mash-up episodes of The Simpsons
The end of a short story... almost!


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