Phew, I almost missed Watery Wednesday! Well, here in the UK anyway — I guess it’s still the early evening over in America. And if you’re in the Far East, well… sorry, it’s Watery Thursday!

This photo was taken from Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, the home of Turkey’s sultans for hundreds of years. Then Turkey became a democracy, and it’s now just a tourist attraction.

As I was walking around, a HUGE storm descended, and within a matter of minutes, a beautiful, blue sky was replaced with, as you can see, a very angry looking cloud indeed. The massive flow of the Bosphorus instantly peaked up, ready for action. And that’s when I took the photo (which is incidentally, one of my favourite photos!)

If you’d like to see some more photos from my trip to Turkey, have a look in the gallery!


You can find more watery, and alliteration-friendly photos over at Watery Wednesday.

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