It’s at times like these I wish I were American. Or just not so British.

Us rainy, grey (but eternally GREEN) islanders have a problem with being self-involved. It goes against the very essence of what makes us British to say ‘HEY, LOOK AT ME! I’M AWESOME!’ We’re understated, often to a fault. We’re quite happy to let history pass us by; we’ve done our bit and now it’s time to take the back seat and watch the rest of the world — er, America — carry the torch. In the past, we would’ve grabbed at opportunities with both hands; now, we just sit back and let someone else pick it up.

It’s not that we’re shy, it’s more that we’re unassuming. We’re nonconfrontational, self-deprecating. The best way to illustrate it is the classic British supermarket example: if someone bumps into you with a trolley, you both apologise. I guess it’s just a more humble way of living, and I’m sure there are other countries that are the same. I do find it surprising though: within 100 years of the downfall of the largest empire the world has ever seen, we now sit in the garden, drink tea and root for the underdogs. Talk of conquering the world has dissipated only to be replaced with talk of the weather.

And so it is with great trepidation and no small amount of anxiety that I give you a blog entry entirely about me.

I added a few new pages to the blog! You can find them on the bar down the side!

First, there’s the ‘index of topics‘, a complete list of the topics I’ve written about on the blog, from philosophy through to music. There’s also a list of all the ‘Seb-related’ entries too, lots of which you might not have read as I wrote them back in January.

Next, there’s the ‘travel stories‘ index. A complete journal of the stories from my travels around the world. I don’t think that one needs any more explanation. There’s some fun ones from Turkey you might not have read yet!

There’s also ‘The Videos‘ page which has all five (5!!) of my video blogs/cat torturing sessions/roleplayings on one page. If that’s not too much awesomeness for one page, I don’t know what is.

Finally, two things which require your intervention: buy my photos and ask me anything.

How did I do at the whole sell-myself thing? Do I need more capital letters in the future? Any tips from the Americans?

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