I’m going out in a moment, so I didn’t have time to creatively title this entry. Sorry. How about, ‘Dushku and Dichen get it on!’ or ‘Oh, so he’s not actually a stoner?’ (disregard both of those, please, they’re both potential spoilers…)

There’s a word that describes this episode: Finally. Finally, so many bits of the story slot into place. Plot strings are tied off. AND it’s to be continued; all proper TV watchers love a good TBC! The 40-minutes-out-of-an-hour allotment that American TV shows get often causes incredibly cramped plots, shoehorned twists and turns, and forced, ugly character development. When you stretch outside the 40 minute mold and start looking at longer story arcs, things get a lot better (look at the first season of BSG or Heroes for a fine example).

There’s a reason the longer 60-minute episodes of BBC dramas tends to feel more ’rounded’, or why the old-school multi-part Dr Who episodes felt much more developed than the modern, 43-minute variants. Heck, when you tack two episodes together, you’re almost at movie length.

Anyway… I don’t want to spoil the plot because, no doubt, some people haven’t watched episode 11 yet. Two of the following screencaps are safe to look at, but one of them might give a little bit of the story away. I won’t tell you which one. Most importantly, Alan Tudyk makes a cameo appearance as the designer of the Dollhouse (or the technology behind it) — Alan’s the guy that played the cute pilot in Firefly. Actually, looking at a photo of him, he’s not actually that cute…


There was this rather-skimpy red pyjama thing that she wore at the end of the episode, but she looked cuter here, fully dressed…


Dichen can’t really act, but she does look good, strapped down into a chair. I think I speak for most of the male population when I say that a cute, Asian-looking sex slave would tick most of the boxes.


The look of someone very happy to see their long-lost girlfriend OR a psychotic ‘Here’s Johnny!’ maniac? You decide (or watch the episode!)

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