I’ve just watched episode 12 of Dollhouse, the finale — well, the season one finale, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s not the finale — and I thought it was a little sad that throughout the main thing on my mind was Eliza Dushku’s cleavage.

Eliza’s not a big girl. She’s short, petite, and certainly not that well endowed in the boob department, but due to the wonders of modern technology — tit-tape and carbon-fibre push-up bras (do they exist yet?) — Dushku’s breasts performed admirably.


The plot itself was OK; it went out with a whimper, rather than a bark, as I expected. Whedon and Dushku both played for a second season which I hope we get (we find out in a week or so). Alan Tudyk was fantastic again as he explored a bunch of identity issues, played out by Echo and Wendy.


That’s Echo and Alpha kissing. Nothing like a bit of old-school symbolism: sparks may fly, eh? The girl behind them is busy being implanted with another personality, with some truly Frankensteinesque lightning providing the atmosphere. Why does everything require lots of sparks and bangs? Haven’t we moved past that yet as a culture?

No half-assed review of the finale would be complete without an honourable mention for Amy Acker who finally lost the nasty scars to play some retrospective ah-so-that’s-what-happened scenes. She’s really rather pretty. Sorry for the gratuitousness — blame Joss Whedon, not me, I’m just the camera man…



You know, I’ve never been fortunate enough to strip a pair of leather pants from a girl? For some reason, none of my girlfriends have been ‘into’ them. Looking at the first photo of Amy’s ass, I have to ask… why not? I would seriously expect the poor guy to be enjoying himself a bit more too. Check out his stare in the second photo, though…

Finally, a few more photos, just to complete this bumper ‘Finale Special’ (don’t ever question my journalistic integrity!) Dichen Lachman, the Witless Wonder (but if you’re reading, Dichen, please, email me — I loved your work in Neighbours), looks absolutely stunning when she quickly seduces Paul — Tahmoh Penikett — who, seemingly, will be playing quite a different role next season.


Goddamnit, just KISS her! Heck, throw her on the floor and screw her brains out. She’s so up for it, Paul… so up for it.


It might look like she needs to pee, but there’s something about that pose which I find quite sexy. Perhaps it’s because you can’t tell if she’s wearing shorts, or a skirt?


This one needs no caption. Needless to say, when you’re elevated like that, crawling across a steel girder, gravity does the rest of the work for you.

I guess that’s the end of Dushku Day, and considering the American TV season is just about over until September, I might struggle to find a pretty little strumpet to feature until then. I’ll see what I can do… and maybe find a few more topless men to tide the girls over too.

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