Evidence Admission A

Description: Four healthy-looking tomato plants, a bit leafy, but nevertheless well-watered and left in a sunny place with plenty of air circulation. They even have a lovely view of the garden.


Evidence Admission B

Description: One sad, lonely and forlorn tomato. The only tomato. Many flowers… but only one tomato. It better taste good.

If anyone has any tips on how best to make them pollinate… or perhaps just how best to enjoy my singular cherry tomato when it finally ripens… let me know. Oh, and I do shake them around a bit to make sure the pollen is loosened, and I talk to them, and play a variety of music to suit all vegetabular needs. I’ve even… and I don’t feel good about this… pinched off a few of the lower shoots that didn’t look very healthy.

Any horticulturalists out there? Champion tomato growers, hippy tree-huggers? Have I watered them too much? Not enough? Was my sugar water formulation a bad idea?

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