I’m afraid all you get this Sunday is some pretty photos. It’s currently my father’s birthday and it was my brother’s birthday yesterday; tomorrow it’s mine! Three days ago it was my aunt’s, and in three days it’s my great aunt’s. Did August have some kind of significance for my family…? Why were we all conceived in the last week of August?!

Wait, wasn’t August named after the greatest of the Roman Emperors, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus? A coincidence…?

Anyway! Two photos — one of the low-in-the-sky full moon last night, and one from where we went picnicking this afternoon. I don’t ever recall seeing so many bluebells up on the heaths here, but perhaps I’ve just not caught them at the right time before. The hills were swathed in bluebells; festooned in purple blooms!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I might have some fun (cute?) photos for you.



I go now to eat more cake. To prepare myself for tomorrow — line my stomach, y’know? — whereupon I will continue to gorge myself with smoked salmon and chocolate and one of grandmother’s Special Creations… I might just have to blog about it, like last time.

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