No new content today, sorry!

But what I have done is overhaul the whole photo side of the site. I’ve removed the ability to buy photos from my site — all sales will now go through Etsy — and I’ve linked my site properly into Flickr which means I now have a proper photo stream that you can watch, comment on or even subscribe to. If you’re one of the few that have bought my prints (thank you), leave a testimonial too!

The galleries now feed directly from my Flickr sets, so they’ll be updated instantly. You can click through to specific photos and comment on them (or favourite them, if you really love me).

I hate blogging without anything interesting to say, or pretty photos to share, but you’ll just have to bear with me. Monday might possibly be another ‘Special’; like the Pirate Special, only better.

Have a lovely weekend. Oh, and if anyone’s really good at growing tomatoes and knows why the lower leaves on my tomato plants are kind of yellowy/brown/burnt, do let me know. I have ONE tomato so far. One small, green sphere — the unripe fruit of all my labours.

Ahhh! I almost forgot: Dollhouse will be renewed for another season, so Dushku Day will return… next year. I almost posted some photos of that cutie from Prison Break today (which finally finished its run — thank God), but figured it might alienate all of those people that come here on Saturday just for photos of cute brunettes in revealing outfits.

Venice, Veneto, Venezia -- no, not Caesar's less-famous battle cry but a cute little city in Italy...
This week, what you've all been waiting for... (maybe)


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