Made you look!

But no, really, this bad boy, a Poplar Hawk Moth (I did my research), has a wingspan of about 6 centimeters. He’s huge and I had no idea such things even existed in England, let alone flew around in boring ol’ Sussex. It’s like when I found out, at the age of 10, that England actually has snakes (in fact, the adder is the only poisonous native animal that we have — except for hornets and wasps, I guess). Dangerous animals are for other countries. Like Australia, where you can come home to find a rattlesnake in your bathtub. Or be paralysed and killed in 6 seconds flat by a venomous sea snake.

Meanwhile… over in England… we just have large moths that make young and old alike scarper behind the nearest sofa for protection.

Does anyone know if moths ‘sleep’ at all? I don’t know if this particular hawk moth was ‘odd’ but for all intents and purposes, he just  clung to my shirt all day, refusing to be budged. I tried to scoop him into a cup, I nudged him with my finger — nothing. I left him by my window, wondering if, weirdly, he would only fly away at night — I assume moths are nocturnal — and sure enough midnight came, he started fluttering his wings, warming up. A few minutes later off he flew!

Moths do sleep then, but what do they dream of? Wardrobes of delicious, tasty clothing? (Do moths even still eat through clothes, or is that some turn-of-the-20th-century thing that my grandmother always tells me stories about?)

Wow, I didn’t mean to ask quite so many questions… that’s the inquisitive child leaking into the foreground again. Anyway, PRETTY MOTH. Enjoy your Sunday — I hope it’s just as sunny where you are!

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