‘The die is cast’ were the fateful words spoken by Julius Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon — the singular act that would set in motion the eventual overthrow, downfall and destruction of the Roman republic, the repercussions of which are still felt today.

After a truly dismal beginning of the week, England finally warmed up again — just in time, too! The competition closed last Monday, and I really didn’t want it to drag on another week. I woke up on Sunday morning to be greeted by lovely, spring sunshine; it was TIME! Time to get Eric out of the box. I quickly ran downstairs and let Eric out of the rather cosy box that had been his home for the last week. Isn’t there a phrase about cats being out of boxes? Bags?


There was a bounce in his step. His face was upturned, absorbing the sun’s warm rays. He prowled around randomly, ping-ponging like Brownian motion and sniffing his surroundings, re-attuning his sense of smell and touch.

‘Today is a good day to choose a winner, Sebastian.’ I looked at Eric, shocked that he’d developed the ability to talk while caged up in his temporary, cardboard prison. The last week of solitude had obviously been quite a journey.

‘Indeed it is, Eric. Indeed it is.’

If you can’t see the following video, you’ll have to view it on my blog. The winner is shown at the end of the video. Later today I will post substantiating and ratifying proof that Eric did indeed choose the winner fairly, and justly.


I’m aware that the video’s pretty rough around the edges, but I only spent an hour filming and hacking it together! Thanks to everyone for taking part, a warm thank you to Eric for being such a good sport and congratulations to the winner!

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