Did you know that the Jewish Sabbath is observed from sunset on Friday, until 3 stars are visible on Saturday night? How quaint is that? I can’t find the reason why, but if any better Jews than I are reading, please educate me!

Anyway, this will be a blog completely devoid of original content, because I’m resting. Instead, I’m going to talk about the blog itself (aptly named ‘Sebastian’, so it’s kind of like talking about myself…)

Just to get the ball rolling (because, apparently you liked that photo of me from Poland a whole lot more than I did), here’s another, far-more-seedy-looking photo from the same cafe — AND my friend (not Mike) trying to imitate me. He must’ve thought I was posing or something… that’s just how I naturally look, damnit!


Quickly then:

  • I added the ‘Poland‘ gallery, and also made a few updates to the other galleries (though they’re too numerous to mention, you’ll just have to poke around).
  • I’m cutting up pieces of paper and writing names on them. Meanwhile, Eric’s stretching, limbering and warming up. I’ve been rubbing various pieces of paper into his nose for the last few days, trying to accustom him to the smell — a bit like those dogs at airports. Only he’s a cat. And he’s blind. (Well, a blind dog might make a really good sniffer dog actually?)
  • The Guest Blogs category has finally started to fill out.

And in more detail:

A few of you will have noticed that ‘Guest Blogs’ has been sitting there, in the side bar, wallowing in self pity. Well, this week it became the proud owner of Floreta’s fantastic ‘Ode to Seb‘  — a dramatic, shimmyfest of epic proportions — but I don’t want to stop there!

I have lined up a couple of guest bloggers that, in theory, are going to have regular ‘columns’ — some friends of mine that are too busy to maintain actual blogs, but want to write!

So what? Well, a) hopefully you’ll be seeing some interesting but alternative content over in the Guest Blogs category (don’t worry, I’ll tell you when it goes up) and, perhaps more importantly, b) if you want to guest blog, the space is available to you.

If you want to write under a pseudonym, or if you just want to get away from the normal format of your blog, this could be a fun opportunity! Perhaps you want to write about something too sensitive to publish under your own name? Or write about something that would alienate those that read your blog?

Or maybe, you don’t have a blog, but you fancy your hand at writing?

I’m not saying I’ll publish anything, but as long as it interests me — or educates, or sates my curiousity — I’ll probably put it up! If you’re interested, email me or use the contact form.

Right, now I’m off to film a certain blind cat as he wanders around and hopefully sits on a damn piece of paper.

Skywatch Friday: Poland!
The die is cast, the votes counted and the blind cat UNLEASHED!


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